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Campaign launched for a dotKER Cornish domain name

The campaign is launched now we need the volunteers and general support.

Taken from Eurolang:

Truru - Truro, Thursday, 29 January 2009 by Katriina Kilpi

A campaign has been launched to secure a top level domain name (TLD) for the Cornish linguistic and cultural community, in an attempt to emulate the successes of the other TLD name campaigns currently being undertaken elsewhere in the United Kingdom.

The dotKER campaign is the last to be launched by the UK's distinct cultural linguistic minority groups without a current TLD, and hopes to build on the successes experienced by the dotCYM and dotSCO campaigns over the last year.

Speaking to Eurolang, one of the Directors of dot KER, Mr Rhisiart Tal-e-bot, said:

"We were encouraged by the news last year that ICANN, the organisation responsible for assigning TLD or country codes like .co.uk , signalled that they would radically change the way it administers new internet domain suffixes from 2009. This could potentially mean that from next year Cornwall could apply for its own TLD.

"We have been in contact with CORE, the Internet Council of Registrars, who worked strongly for establishing the .CAT, first language and culture TLD and who has an ongoing relationship with dotCYM (Wales) dotBZH (Brittany) and dotGAL (Galicia), among other 'new TLDs'.

"Due to the way the internet domain administration has been developed, we envisaged some initial difficulties in securing a .KER domain name. The advice that we received from CORE however is that .KER for the linguistic and cultural community and .KER for the area/region, would be acceptable for ICANN if we were to bid for a new "generic" TLD for Cornwall."

Cornwall has a world wide linguistic and cultural diaspora, stretching throughout four continents. Like the other TLD name campaigns in Wales and Scotland, dotKER is looking to the Cornish global community to show ICANN that support for a .KER domain name. (Eurolang 2009)
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