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Celtic World

Pan-Celtic projects spring into existence in regions of Celtic immigration around the world, but for all their good intentions they often seem to be rather ephemeral, and leave me thinking that there is much potential going untapped.

Some recent examples I can think of include: the Assemblée Celtique in Brittany, the Celtic Alliance of America and the United Celtic Brotherhood of Australia. I'm sure there are many other examples both past and present.

Do the Celtic League and Celtic Congress have strong and active branches in these places that could welcome the people involved in the above and give them more constructive and permanent channels for their valuable efforts? Perhaps what we need to see is the effort that has gone into these projects going into running active League and Congress branches instead.

When the Cornish Fighting Fund kicked off would it not have been great to see established and well organised Australian, US, South African and Canadian branches of the League acting as the focal point for the mobilisation of support in each of these places?

The news that the League is looking into acquiring NGO status with the UN is great but is it doing enough to attract and organise the Celts and their sympathisers from the new world? As always it comes down to a question of manpower and time I suppose. I note also that the Cornish branch of the Celtic Congress is calling for people to help and looking especially to attract younger generations.

Volunteers needed!

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