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The Plan - twelve months to renew Britain

For those interested here is an extract from the latest Direct Democracy bulletin.

Three points of interest from the 'plan to renew Britain' that stand out to this Cornish campaigner are devolution, direct democracy and the end of quangos. It all sounds great but I find it hard to believe that the Tories, the party of the establishment, would really implement such radical changes. As with all such grand ideas, in the hands of the three big parties, when it comes to action the result are much watered down.

In the unlikely event that; 1) neither MK or the Greens stand in the Duchy at the next election and; 2) the Tories adopt this 'plan' in full then they'd get my vote. After all they couldn't be much worse than New Labour centralisation and quangos or Lib Dem back stabbing.

With such a decentralised package it's about time the Conservatives engaged with the Cornish identity and seriously challenged the Lib Dem monopoly in Kernow.

The Plan - twelve months to renew Britain

Britain is heading in the wrong direction. The British people are giving up on politics and politicians. Direct Democracy's Daniel Hannan and Douglas Carswell have a plan to:

* Clean up Westminster
* Devolve power to the lowest practicable level
* Make public services work for the people who use them
* Bring foreign and domestic policy back in line with public opinion
* Replace the quango state with genuine democracy
* Refresh our political system through localism and direct democracy

Things do not have to be as they are. With the political will, we can renew Britain.
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Coverage of The Plan

Writing about The Plan in
the Spectator, Douglas and Daniel argue that we should look back to Jefferson and the birth of the United States of America for the reforms needed to revive our ailing democracy.

Daniel picks out the 10 key themes from The Plan in an article for the
Daily Telegraph.

Read a
review of The Plan by Jesse Norman on Conservativehome.com

As well as receiving warm coverage in The Telegraph, The Spectator and Conservativehome.com, The Plan won loud applause from the more demotic end of the newspaper spectrum. Its publication was the main story in The Daily Star, which gave over page 2 to a piece headlined "BLUEPRINT TO FIX BROKEN BRITAIN". The paper reported: "The bold plans could sweep Mr Cameron, 41, into Downing Street, by giving fed-up voters some much-needed common sense to tackle the nation's rot. New powers would see US-style sheriffs appointed to clean up our crime-ridden cities and towns. Barmy politically correct laws would be binned and the hated Human Rights Act ripped up. The proposals would end Brussels meddling in British affairs and greedy MPs would kiss goodbye to their lavish expenses".

In an editorial, the paper warmly endorsed the book: "Two Tories have come up with a blueprint for Britain's future. And Douglas Carswell and Daniel Hannan get our vote. Their book The Plan: Twelve Months To Renew Britain is full of the sort of common-sense proposals we have been demanding for years. Tory leader David Cameron has been accused of being all style and no substance. He should grab these policies with both hands".

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Decentralist said...

Yes this is very interesting. Let's hope it becomes more popular in the Tory party and in Britain generally.