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Those in Glass Houses

It's been a while now that I'm signed up to the excellent -TheyWorkForYou.com- website which ensures I get regular updates on what my MP is doing. I can only recommend it. An example below:

Julia Goldsworthy (Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Department for Communities and Local Government; Falmouth & Camborne, Liberal Democrat)

Hansard source Watch this

The Minister's Department likes to talk the talk about community empowerment and engagement, but it does not walk the walk. Is that not apparent in its approach to eco-towns? What does the Minister think speaks more loudly to the British public: a declaration of passionate commitment to the empowerment agenda, or the imposition of eco-towns against the will of the local community and its elected representatives through site-specific planning policy guidance that can then be overturned on appeal? Do not actions speak louder than words?

Yes interesting Julia and you surely have a point but one might ask why then you are a member of the party that has sold Cornwall’s democratic aspirations up the river, ignored the will of the people and imposed a unitary authority.

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