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Democracy and Human Rights Hub

An invitation below from Unlock Democracy to all those working to promote democracy and human rights which I think covers practically 100% of those in the Cornish movement. So here's hoping some of our Cornish groups will get in touch and ensure a bigger audience for the work they do.

Democracy and Human Rights Hub

Strengthening the Network

There is currently more debate about the state of democracy in Britain than there has been in years. There is so much going on, in fact, that it is often hard to keep track of it all. With this in mind, Unlock Democracy is preparing to launch the Democracy & Human Rights Hub newsletter.

The purpose of Democracy & Human Rights Hub is to produce a comprehensive listings service about everything that is going on in terms of research into, celebration of and campaigning about democracy, participation and human rights. A monthly email will be sent out using Unlock Democracy’s mailing list (~6,300 subscribers as of May 2008) and it will also be published on the Unlock Democracy website.

Any organization wishing to promote a related initiative is welcome to contribute.

The email will be sent out on the third Friday of every month, with the submissions’ deadline the Thursday before. For the next six months, this will be: Thursday 17 May, Thursday 19 June, Thursday 17 July, Thursday 21 August, Thursday 18 September and Thursday 16 October.

Submissions should be sent to james.graham[at]unlockdemocracy.org.uk and divided up into the following sections:

Campaigns (max 100 words)
Research, Reports, Projects and Publications (max 100 words)
Jobs and Volunteers (max 100 words)
Events (max 100 words)
Please be as brief as possible and provide hyperlinks to your website for more information where possible.

Many thanks - we look forward to hearing from you!

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