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The Cornish Left

With Labour floundering is it time for MK to offer an alternative progressive left in Kernow? Is there an opening for a unified front from an alternative left that regroups autonomists, greens and other progressives from around the UK? Certainly that is the aim of these two blogs:- Socialist Unity and Convention on the left

Socialists are often seen in opposition to regional nationalist movements and for many left wingers who are no more than barely disguised state-nationalists / majority culture supremacists this is true, but as the following quote shows the relationship between the left and autonomist movements has always been paradoxical.

"A people that oppresses another wouldn't know how to be free"

Carl Marx

Pierre-Joseph-“property is theft”-Proudhon another socialist legend was an advocate of decentralized federal government that would seem to agree with many of the demands of regional autonomists.

How much in common does the Cornish movement, or elements therein, have with the alter-globalization scene? Groups like ATTAC; do they share some of our aims? Interesting to note they have a branch in Jersey but not the UK. They say "the world is not for sale", surely neither is our little corner of it. Inhuman faceless global capitalism is a threat to authentic culture around the world including that in our Duchy. It's certain that leftist and ecologist ideologies have often married well with Cornish nationalism does this also hold true for the alter-globalization movement or do we want a bit of Mac Pasty progress?

Compass are offering a chance to network among the UK left at their conference -Born Free and Equal- on the 14th of June this year.

Debating the big equality issues including: race equality; health inequalities; how the public services can deliver greater equality; would running on equality cost Labour the election?; how we make the case to middle Britain; housing; higher education; well-being for all; equality and young people; equal treatment for agency workers; gay rights; a bill of rights; tackling inequality in the economy; child poverty and the low tax elite; gender equality; fair pay; workplace democracy; progressive taxation; welfare; environmental rights; class equality; equality in later life; equality for the world’s poor and many more.

The Cornish also have a chance to explore various strands of the progressive left at the European Social Forum in Sweden. The European Social Forum (ESF) is an annual conference held by members of the alter-globalization movement (also known as the Global Justice Movement). It aims to allow social movements, trade unions, NGOs, refugees, peace and "anti-imperialist" groups, "anti-racist" movements, environmental movements, networks of the excluded and community campaigns from Europe and the world to come together and discuss themes linked to major European and global issues. In order to coordinate campaigns, share ideas and refine organizing strategies. It is emerged from the World Social Forum and follows its charter of principles.

The fifth European Social Forum will be held in Malmö, Sweden on 18 - 21 September 2008.


I know the European Free Alliance goes to the ESF so effectively Kernow is represented, but what about the Cornish left engaging with Compass, Socialist Unity project and other movements on the UK left?

Perhaps now is the time for Cornish input whilst the UK left is being re-thought?

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