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Direct Action for Cornwall

Following the release of the article on the Cornish movement - Passport to Padstow - I think it valid to point out that this Sunday Times article, that most agree is a refreshing change and good bit of publicity, would not have seen the light of day if it had not been for the 'Cornish Terrorists'.

No this is not an add for the CNLA/CRA but rather for media friendly direct action. So I would like to endorse the planned 'Rally for Recognition' and ask that its organizers do their best to ensure that it leads to the creation of permanent Cornish umbrella group who embrace non-violent direct action and keep Kernow in the headlines.

Original CD article below:

With the heat and light around clandestine Cornish groups starting to fade and talk once again turning to peaceful protest perhaps it is time to rehabilitate direct action for Kernow.

Cornish Solidarity closing the Tamar Bridge, operation chough by the Cornish Stannary Parliament, the defacing of the Tudor Rose road Signs, this OurKingdom article suggests that - Direct action is a British value - well it certainly seems to be a Cornish one too and should not be overshadowed by the CRA.

Direct action can entertain, inspire and gain the support of the Cornish public whilst highlighting the social and economic problems faced by the Duchy, but it takes planning.

One example I have used before is of the London based graffiti artist Banksy. How about, instead of threats to burn houses, we saw creative and humorous graffiti that tackled the Cornish question. Graffiti might not be the answer but there are many more forms of direct action that could be considered when our politicians let us down the only problem is that they need a little more imagination and creativity than copying ETA and issuing threats.

Threats and terror may generate a media frenzy but what will be the long term fallout for the Cornish movement, one thing is for sure some Cornish patriots have been criminalized and marginalized when there energy could have gone to more productive ends. If you want to take action for Kernow why not start your research here:

Activists Legal Project: http://www.activistslegalproject.org.uk/

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