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Women in Politics

2008 is the 90th anniversary of the Representation of Peoples Act that gave some women the right to vote. It is also 80 years since women won the rights to vote on equal terms with men.

In 2008 a group of organisations has come together to create Woman and the Vote to mark these two monumental dates and to highlight the enormous disparity that still exists between women and men in UK politics.

The Electoral Reform Society has published this map and document which shows just 291 women have ever sat in the Commons; a mere 6 per cent of all those who have ever been elected to the House.

This is a call for all Cornish groups and political bodies in the Duchy to contact and support this campaign. Women are relatively well represented in various Cornish groups but there is still much room for improvement.

Is it conceivable that one or more Cornish organisations could run a parallel campaign in Kernow? It's only going to look good to %50 of the population!

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