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A St Pirans day bank holiday

A recent publicity stunt/campaign by the travel agents Thomas Cook brings to mind the Cornish call for a St Pirans day bank holiday. Thomas Cook with some reason make the following points.

Did you know…?

• We only get eight public holidays per year. Most of our European neighbours have as many as 12

• The Spanish top the tables with a massive 16 Bank Holidays a year

• Brits are at the bottom of the Bank Holiday league with only the Romanians ranking below us

• There are 121 days between the last Bank Holiday in August and the next public holiday atChristmas – nearly a third of the year

So we know about their campaign but do they know about ours? (If you haven't please do sign and forward the St Pirans petition it closes on the 30/1/08). The answer is probably not, perhaps it'd be worth contacting Thomas Cook Cornwall and suggesting a joint campaign. For that matter wouldn't it be fantastic to see Skinners, Sharps or St Austell Brewery backing a St Pirans day holiday in the same way that Wells Bombardier does for England and St Georges day.

Unfortunately Cornwall seems lacking in organisation and structure when it comes to such single issue campaigns; a campaign for an Internet domain name for Kernow also springs to mind. If we look at the other home nations and regions of Europe we find structured and enduring campaigns for national holidays, domain names etc but not in Cornwall. These are not the most important issues facing Cornwall, that's clear, but they can generate popular enthusiasm and touch the imagination of those normally disinterested.

What to do? The Cornwall 24 website and possibly Cornish World magazine, that we in the Cornish movement owe much too, would seem the ideal focal points for the campaign for a St Pirans day holiday. The C24 website is popular and its readers come from across Cornish society.

I don't just mean a thread on the subject but rather a dedicated web page with on going petition, arguments in favour, information on St Piran, current actions and news. Really we need a long lasting steering committee of dedicated individuals to promote a St Pirans day holiday and keep the ball rolling until we get what we want, the same could be said for the domain name and other single issues. Until then wouldn't it be good to see C24 take up the flame and keep the idea alive in peoples minds of a real St Pirans day to celebrate Cornwall?

So what about it C24, I'm sure there are plenty that would be happy to help?

1 comment:

Englisc Fyrd said...

I think you should pop round to a local brewery and ask if they would be interested in doing a St Pirans day beer, you never know they might be receptive to the idea!
I see Brown has already managed to get peoples backs up over the new Bank holiday. If he decides on St Georges day then Welsh/Cornish nats will blame us English and clunking Brown will ignore the problems that causes.
Maybe it would be better if Cornish,English and Welsh nats got together and campaigned for a St's day holiday which falls on the respective day for each country?
Just an idea but it might work and will hopefully stop the inevitable name calling that would follow from letting Brown and his buddies make the choice.