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MIDAS - a call for Cornish Journalists

Midas is a European Association of Daily Newspapers in Minority and Regional Languages and recently I recived the following letter from one of their staff. It might be of interest to any Cornish journalists who write about minority language issues. So if this sound like you why not contact them?

I know that you are very much involved in the Cornish issue. You contacted Midas last year regarding Cornish and Breton speakers.

I'm wondering if you know some journalist writing for Majoritiy Press in English from UK or in French from France or Belgium on promotion of minority protection and use of languages. The journalist could write about Cornish or Breton speakers or any other old minority in UK, France, Belgium or Spain.

Midas is trying to contact directly journalist from majority daily newspapers in order to raise awarness on our issues.

Please forward some names of journalists from majority daily press who are open minded to minority issues.

Thank you

Günther Rautz
Secretary General MIDAS
EURAC research
Viale Druso/Drususallee 1
39100 Bolzano/Bozen
Tel. +39 0471 055 210
Fax +39 0471 055 299
Email: g.rautz-AT-eurac.edu

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