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British Bill of Rights

A quick note to point out the following document just released by the Justice constitution committee and a response by the Cornish Stannary Parliament.

The Justice constitution committee has released their report A British Bill of Rights - informing the debate. This report aims to encourage debate on the question: ‘should there be a Bill of Rights for Britain?’ It is intended to focus and inform public discussion on whether our rights are best protected under the current Human Rights Act 1998, or whether it is time to build on that Act by creating a home-grown bill of rights which seeks to entrench specifically British Values and articulate the balance of constitutional powers appropriate for a modern British democracy. The pdf report may be found here.

To be studied by all interested in rights for UK citizens including those of the Cornish. The CSP has produced an interesting response to this document. Taken from the angle of the Cornish national minority, it examines the possible interaction between the Duchy of Cornwall and a written UK constitution.

The JUSTICE proposals for “A British Bill of Rights” recognises at para. 39, page 29, that: “Over the past decade there has been increasing recognition that access to equality and protection from discrimination under UK law is piecemeal and, at times, ineffective”. An ineffective remedy against the abuse of power can be attributed to the failure to secure a statutory guarantee for Sir Hersch Lauterpacht’s internationally recognised basic constitutional right to equality before the law. It is contended that the legacy of an authoritarian ‘rule of law’ continues to facilitate grace and favour government with the freedom to impose arbitrary decisions of bias and discrimination, in particular, to the prejudice of national minorities, such as the Cornish. More..

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