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The Breton Party / Parti Breton / Strollad Breizh

New years wishes from a Breton political party. I have included a couple of their recent publicity posters as I think they are really quite good. MK take note! It reads "there is a first time for everything" and then goes on to say "don't miss your first engagment".

The Breton Party / Parti Breton / Strollad Breizh: www.partibreton.org/jeunesbretons


A new year has just started and Ar Vretoned Yaouank, the youth movement of the Breton Party/Strollad Breizh, wishes you a very happy new year, all the best for 2008. We hope that you fulfill your projects and you will continue to sustain your values of democracy and freedom with great succes.

Best wishes!

Bloavezh mad!

Ar Vretoned Yaouank / The youth Movement of the Breton Party / Strollad Breizh
BP 5040356104 Lorient Cedex Brittany

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