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With the unitary authority secured, now for the roadmap to the Cornish Assembly

With the unitary authority secured, now for the roadmap to the Cornish Assembly.

Council Leader Whalley to speak at an Assembly campaign meeting. The title of his speech is: ‘With the unitary authority secured, now for the roadmap to the Cornish Assembly!'

The meeting will occur at Truro Town Hall (upstairs, over the Tourist Info Centre in Boscawen Street) on Saturday 1st December at 11am.

David Whalley, Leader of Cornwall Council, will speak at the Annual Meeting of the Cornish Constitutional Convention, which leads the campaign for a Cornish Assembly. As local authorities prepare to merge into a unitary authority so campaigners are looking forward.

The Cornwall Council bid to the Government said: The creation of a single council for Cornwall will be a significant step towards meeting our aspiration for a more radical and ambitious model of governance, with closer integration of all public services at strategic and local level; a shift from a model of local government to one of local governance. ‘A new authority for Cornwall will seek to explore with its partners the negotiation of a new agreement with central government, one that sets out a clear vision and takes advantage of opportunities for the strategic coordination of public sector activity. The agreement will outline the case for the devolution of powers from central and regional government.’ ‘Cornwall has all the attributes of a dispersed city (or ‘poly-centric’ region). We believe unification (of local authorities), and the increased capacity this will bring, is an essential prerequisite.’

One Cornwall, One Council (Part 1)2007 The forward-looking ambition of the Cornish bid for a unitary authority strongly reflects the case developed by the Cornish Constitutional Convention. In his speech, as work on the new authority gets under way, Mr Whalley will be looking ahead, and calling for cooperation to achieve the transformation in governance with a Cornish Assembly.

Convention chair, Bert Biscoe, said: ‘We are very glad that David Whalley will be speaking at our annual meeting. New and exciting developments are only ever achieved through partnership. We were glad to see such strong statements included in the unitary bid documents.

The Convention has worked hard to establish a creative and positive framework for moving towards a Cornish Assembly. We know that the Government is willing to see new ideas tried in Cornwall, and the Unitary bid, which has been approved, made no secret of our ambitions. This is a moment for letting the new organisation take shape, and ensuring that the ambition and the positive relationships both within Cornwall and with the government are maintained and developed.’

Contact: Bert Biscoe 01872 242293 bertbiscoe@btinternet.com

Taken from Cornwall 24

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