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Unlock Democracy - Europe / Single Transferable Vote for Cornish Elections

A Couple of things in from Unlock Democracy that might interest Duchy residents

Following a statement today by Constitutional Affairs Minister Michael Wills, Unlock Democracy has welcomed the government's intention to publish its long awaited review of electoral systems in January.

Commenting, Director of Unlock Democracy Peter Facey said: "While we are disappointed that the government has failed to meet its self imposed deadline of publishing this review by the end of the year, we welcome the news that the review has now been completed.

"Yesterday the Department of Communities' Councillors' Commission recommended that local authorities be permitted to pilot the introduction of the single transferable vote system for English local elections following the successful introduction of the system in Scotland. It is clear that the case for electoral reform is fast becoming undeniable."

Full text of Michael Wills' written ministerial statement:

"In the Governance of Britain Green Paper released in July this year the Government reiterated its commitment to review the experience of the new voting systems introduced in the United Kingdom since 1997, by the end of this year. The Government has completed this review and will make it ready for publication in January 2008 when Parliament reconvenes."

I for one would be most interested to see what STV does for our smaller parties like Mebyon Kernow and the Greens in any future elections to a unitary authority.

British citizens' knowledge of the policies and institutions of the European Union is notoriously shaky. Not only does this prevent us from having a meaningful national debate on Europe, it also restricts politicians' ability to make policy based on a genuine engagement with public opinion. This report is intended to begin a serious debate about Britain's future relationship with Europe. Emily Robinson tracks the developing views of British citizens as they participate in deliberative panels. Her findings provide an important insight into informed public opinion on the current and future governance of the EU. British Citizens and the European Union (pdf)

We all need to learn more about the EU if we want to make informed decisions about Cornwalls future in Europe.

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