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‘Electric Pasty land’ a novel by Dr. Alan M.Kent

‘Electric Pastyland’ is Alan Kent ’s sequel to ‘Proper Job, Charlie Curnow !’ and follows the ongoing life of amateur rock musician, Charlie Curnow and his friends and family all of whom live on and about the notorious Trelawny Estate, just on the outskirts of Camborne in Kernow. (Cornwall)

This is a gritty yarn, not for the faint hearted, written in Cornish dialect throughout and a far cry from the glossy, tourist Kernow (Cornwall) of theme parks, surf and celebrities.

It is an extremely accurate account of life in the hinterland of Kernow (Cornwall) so well known to many of us and brings to life characters who dream of a better existence free from poverty, drugs and unemployment whilst cherishing their Cornish identities and traditions. Set in contemporary Kernow (Cornwall), it is a story I can personally identify with having worked in such areas and with such people who are mostly ignored by politicians and those in authority. The characters, although fictional, are completely believable, much more so due to the settings and places, and Dr. Kent brings them to life together with their weaknesses and strengths and rough Cornish humour. Additional reality is added by introducing overseas immigrants into the story, who are dealt with by the Cornish in much the same way as generations of their predecessors who have made our land of myth and legend their home.

Alan Kent is a Cornishman, born in St. Austell’s ‘clay country.’ He lectures for the Open University in South West Britain and is a prize winning poet, novelist and dramatist. One of his recent works was serialised for the BBC. He surely rates as one of Kernow’s leading academics and writers, having worked extensively on the literary and cultural history of the Duchy.

A member of An Kessunyans Keltek Scoren Kernewek - The Cornish Branch of the International Celtic League, Dr. Kent is a friend of mine and of Cornwall. I have enjoyed reading ‘Electric Pastyland’ as much as his many other fictional and factual works and commend this novel to one and all.

A free to use review written by: Mike Chappell

Electric Pasty land’ a novel by Dr. Alan M.Kent ISBN 978 0 9556477 2 7. Published by: Ryelands - Halsgrove House, Ryelands Industrial Estate, Bagley Road, Wellington, Somerset, England TA21 9PZ http://www.halsgrove.com/ at £9.99 (288 pages)

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