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Cornish International Sport

It is with sadness that I remark upon the apparent demise of the Cornish Commonwealth Games Association and disappearance of the Cornish International Sport website.

Sport in the Duchy is a passionate affair you only have to look at our history with rugby to notice that. However it’s not just Rugby; Cornish Wrestling is one of our symbols of celtitude and the Celtic Water Sports Festival sees the creation of what is effectively a Cornish national team.

This sporting national pride needs a voice; it needs a dedicated body of people to promote the idea of Cornish national sports teams in international competitions such as the Europeada 2008 (see below). We need a pressure and campaign group to ensure that the idea of sportsmen and women representing Cornwall in international competition remains in the public imagination. Perhaps sport can galvanize Cornish national pride in a way that politics and constitution never can.

The European minorities on the ball...

European soccer fans will be looking towards Switzerland and Austria in the forthcoming year; here the long awaited European Championships „Euro2008“ will take place.

The Federal Union of European Nationalities and its member organisations, the Rhaetian umbrella organization Lia Rumantscha as well as Sedrun Disentis Tourismus do not want to miss out on this soccer mania and are inviting to a European Championship of the European minorities - the "Europeada 2008".

This European Championship of the autochthonous, national minorities will take place from 31. May to 7. June 2008 in the canton of Grisons, Switzerland. Already several teams have announced their participation - the Sorbs, Basques and South-Tyrolians are some examples. It is still possible to register further teams.

"The European Championship is a highlight of the year and we will use these events to draw further attention to the European minorities with our own European Championship", explains Andrea Rassel, Vice-president of the FUEN responsible for the European Championship Europeada 2008 on behalf of the FUEN-board. Registries will be accepted until January.

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