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Solidarity from Scotland and Wales

The Scottish Republican Socialist Movement condemns the harassment and arrests of members of the Celtic League and Stannary Parliament in Cornwall / Kernow in 2007. 

Many of these police actions are illegal and constitute intimidation of non-violent activists who are fighting for what we take for granted in Scotland. We are well aware of the use of such tactics by the state to try to hinder and stifle dissent, but it is only by opposing them that progress can be made.

We condemn the suffering caused by the British State to these individuals, their families and friends, but applaud the courage of these people in standing up for their convictions.

The British State, and the British Crown itself have, for centuries, taken Cornwall's minerals, labour and wealth, without reimbursing it or its people. This is why Cornwall continues to have the lowest GDP of any part of the UK, despite the vast wealth that has come out of it.

We do not consider Cornwall to be part of England, whatever the Establishment may continue to claim. We point out the example of Wales, where despite centuries of cultural and political repression, the British were forced to concede it is not part of England after a long struggle. While we appreciate that the regions of England, such as its northern parts, have immense economic and cultural issues, we state categorically that Cornwall is a national issue, like Scotland, Wales or Ireland, not a "regional" issue, like that of Yorkshire.

We recognise that while certain Cornish do believe themselves to be English, that we have the equivalent in certain Scots, and that in both cases, the facts of history, language and even law are against them.

We believe that the only solution to Cornwall / Kernow's problems is self-determination, and proper recognition of its language and culture. We note that Whitehall and John Prescott disgracefully ignored 50,000 signatures for a Cornish Assembly.

Until Cornwall / Kernow, and the Cornish are recognised for what they are, none of their major problems will go away.

Scottish Socialist Republican Movement

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Full story here: Salute the Cornish Nationalists

The following is from This is Cornwall blog. In 1969 Daniel Cohn-Bendit faced the authorities by declaring : "We are all German Jews!" Similarly those who sympathise with Cornish independence aspirations could say: " We are all Cornish terrorists." Lech Walenska confronted the Polish Communists with Solidarity. The Cornish motto is "One and All" and indeed that says it all.

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