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MK Today

In 1979, in the first elections to the European Parliament, Mebyon Kernow was able to attract almost ten percent (over 10,000 votes) of the vote in the Cornwall seat.

The current age profile of Mebyon Kernow is younger than any of its other competitors (Lab, Lib Dem & Tory). For example the three MK councillors on Truro City Council are the youngest of the 24 Councillors. Most of the MK councillors are in their thirties or forties. The others tend to average at least fifties.

In terms of membership size in Cornwall the Lib Dems are well ahead with maybe 4 times the membership of MK and the Tories maybe 2-3 times the size. There is now little difference between MK and Labour in terms of membership and MK is nearing the 1000 member figure. Since 1992 the membership has quadrupled and it is now one of the largest members organisation for a Cornish orientated organisation.

In the last local elections MK elected more principal councillors than UKIP across the whole of the UK and now has more individual local councillors than the Labour party in Cornwall. In the district elections of 2007 seven Mebyon Kernow district councillors were elected and in these elections MK came third behind the Liberal Democrats and the Conservative Party but ahead of Labour in several areas such as Kerrier, Restormel, North Cornwall and Caradon.

Despite the fact that MK has been around since 1951 and has occasionally fought elections it is only since 1992 that the party has consistently fought elections - just 15 years - The numbers of elected councillors are at the highest in its history and are growing each year. MK haven't been able to fight everywhere in Cornwall - at the last set of elections MK stood in less than a quarter of Cornwall and had about 10,000 votes. If MK had more candidates competing democratically then they could legitimately expect somewhere between 30,000-40,000 votes.

At General Election level MK get massively squeezed as lots of people in Cornwall don't want a Tory MP but as MK's activity has increased in local government so the votes are starting to go up in the General Election.

If you want to support the party but not join you can join the facebook group also linked to from the MK website and if you're 30 or under there is a facebook group called Kernow X.

A leading Kerrier councillor has recently been selected as MK’s third General Election candidate. Mebyon Kernow members in the new Camborne and Redruth constituency selected Cllr Loveday Jenkin to fight the seat at the next General Election. Loveday has served on Kerrier District Council for twelve years and is the leader of the Party’s four-strong group on the Council. She is also the portfolio holder for Leisure, Arts and Culture.

Previous policies from Tories, Labour and Lib Dems have failed Cornwall and their politicians have misled the people of Cornwall with empty promises.

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