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Far right collapses in EU parliament

SNP MEP Alyn Smith has today (Wednesday) welcomed the official confirmation from Parliament Vice President Edward McMillan Scott that the far right "Independence Tradition and Sovereignty" group has been officially derecognised.

This follows the resignation of two further Romanians from the group, which brings the remaining members below the threshold to be recognised as a group of the European Parliament. This means that allowances for group, status as a group and other privileges are all now withdrawn.

Speaking in Strasbourg Mr Smith said:

"When I first heard last week that this was in the offing I was delighted, though reports since indicated that the members of the group would find a way to hang onto their budgets. Now apparently this is not the case and this Nasty Group is no more."

"When the news was officially confirmed by Vice President McMillan Scott the reaction of the Chamber was clear, collapsing is the most popular thing this group has done, and we are all glad to see it fall. Clearly the Parliament should have all views represented, the best way to counter prejudice and lies is to argue with them, but after today's news the MEPs formerly of this group will not have common resources to fund their campaigns and I'm glad to see it."

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