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Cornwall Joins the Call to Climate Action

The environment and Cornwall have strong links, and whatever the policies of Cornwall Council (i.e incineration) people in Cornwall tend to be very concerned about the quality of our natural environment. However climate change is a huge threat to this with potentially devastating consequences.

In a few days time the UN climate talks will start in Bali (3rd - 14th December). Consequently December 8th has been called as a Global Day of Action to demand that world leaders take the urgent and resolute action that is needed to prevent the catastrophic destabalisation of the global climate.

Key to this call is that the world move towards a stronger emissions reductions treaty that is both equitable and effective in preventing dangerous climate chantge.

Many people from Cornwall are going up to the march in London, getting a National Express bus up from Newquay on Friday night, coming back over Saturday night, so if you want to join us - feel free!. Or if you live in East Cornwall there is a bus going up from Plymouth, leaving Bretonside at 6.30 am.

And of course, we'll be bringing Cornish flags along too!

For more information on the demo both in London and around the world, or for details of the Plymouth bus, check out the link above.

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