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Cornish World

A message from Cornish World magazine.

For all of you who bought a copy of the last issue of Cornish World, took out a subscription, used a business advertised in Cornish World or made sure that the magazine was prominently displayed in your local news outlet – I owe you a pint.

The last issue of Cornish World saw a 38% increase in sales and was the best-selling issue in the magazine’s 12-year history. The magazine now has more subscribers than ever before. The future of Cornish World is looking secure as the magazine goes from strength to strength. This success is only down to people who appreciate a good Cornish magazine that puts Cornwall and its people first.

The current issue of Cornish World is out on the shelves (or hidden behind other ‘Cornish’ magazines as seems to be the case) and has some pretty good stuff for anyone with a passing interest in Kernow. The main feature in this issue profiles all the groups actively campaigning to put Cornwall on the map while another excellent feature by renowned historian Craig Weatherhill offers a new insight into the real location of the Battle of Hingston Down; the last great battle between the Celts and the Saxons.

They used to race lifeboats in Cornwall, you know. These races drew thousands out to view the spectacle, and skulduggery, of turn of the century life-saving vessels outpacing each other. This, along with a feature on how Falmouth is becoming a port with a future once again, makes Cornish World the best read on Cornwall. Plus there’s all the usual stuff like news, views, food and drink, Kernewek, Cornish dialect, poetry, wildlife and great photography.

A new optimism is sweeping Cornwall and Cornish World, be part of it.

Kernow Kensa,

Nigel Pengelly.


Cornish World is an independent publication that puts Cornwall and its communities first. The media in Cornwall is pretty bad with most of the publications being owned and controlled by media groups such as the right wing Northcliff group (Daily Mail say no more) who care little for our small nation. Cornish world is the only exception and for this it needs all our support. Buy it, circulate it to friends and family and leave it in waiting rooms across the Duchy. Why not us a Cornish World gift subscription this Christmas?

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