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Citizens Convention Bill for constitutional reform

Click on the screenshot above to see our video explaining what you can do to help our campaign today. This is the newsletter of Unlock Democracy, the campaign for democratic renewal run by Charter 88 and the New Politics Network. If you would like to unsubscribe from this mailing list, click on the link at the bottom of this email. Citizens Convention Bill for constitutional reform - Please act urgently! Today the annual Private Members' Ballot took place in parliament. That means that 20 MP's names were drawn out of a hat (see list below) - and they will get the chance to promote a Bill (new law) of their choice. We want them to promote our Citizens' Convention Bill. We have proved through our campaigning that constitutional reform is possible - the Sustainable Communities Bill has now become an Act of Parliament; giving local authorities the chance to have more power devolved to them to allow local people to take control over their own affairs. Tens of thousands of people (including you)have helped make campaigns like this possible therefore, we now need your help to mobilise support for the Citizens Convention Bill, a Bill that has the potential to deliver the radical constitutional reform our country and political system so badly needs. A large amount of lobbying will influence an MP's choice - but it needs to happen quickly before the make up their minds. The MPs have been sent a copy of the Bill. Could you please urgently:

If your MP is on the list, please write asking him/her to 'please adopt the Citizens Convention Bill'. And could you please ask all your local friends, work colleagues, club members, faith communities, hamsters, goldfish and any other local contacts you may have to do the same. Lobbying by constituents is the most powerful! Write to the TOP SEVEN MP's selected in the ballot (as they get most parliamentary time) - calling on them to adopt the Citizens Convention Bill as their Private Members Bill.

If you are feeling energetic please write to the all the twenty MP's selected in the Ballot calling on them to support the Citizens Convention Bill. The MPs selected are as follows (top seven in bold):

Michael Fallon, Sevenoaks (Conservative)
Sharon Hodgson, Gateshead East and Washington West (Labour)
Andrew Miller, Ellesmere Port and Nelson (Labour)
Julian Brazier, Canterbury (Conservative)
John Heppell, Nottingham East (Labour)
Stephen Crabb, Preseli Pembrokshire (Conservative)
Nigel Griffiths, Edinburgh South (Labour)
Mark Lazarowicz, Edinburgh North and Leith (Labour)
Keith Hill, Streatham (Labour)
Tim Yeo, South Suffolk (Conservative)
Julie Morgan, Cardiff North (Labour)
David Howarth, Cambridge (Liberal Democrat)
Michael Mates, East Hampshire (Conservative)
Simon Hughes, North Southwark and Bermondsey (Liberal Democrat)
Derek Conway, Old Bexley and Sidcup (Conservative)
Peter Wishart, Perth and North Perthshire (Scottish National Party)
Justine Greening, Putney (Conservative)
Anne Snelgrove, South Swindon (Labour)
William Cash, Stone (Conservative)
Gordon Prentice, Pendle (Labour)

You can use the same format of letter for each MP. Send your letters (1st class if you can please) in separately stamped envelopes to : MP's Name, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. Each letter must be sent separately otherwise they will not be delivered. Sorry we don't make the rules! We are not enclosing a 'standard' letter as individual ones are more influential. However, the following points may help you:

We are at a crucial juncture in British politics, constitutional reform has been put back on the agenda in a big way, What's important is how this is done: the decisions as to how to devolve power and influence must not be top down: they need to be taken jointly by government in co-operation with citizens and civil society if the outcomes are to be the best. The Citizens' Convention Bill sets up a process that will make that happen.Every letter makes a difference - but please act now as we are working in a limited timeframe. Thank you.

Ron Bailey

Campaigns Director, Unlock Democracy

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Could our politicians, the Cornish Constitutional Convention, CoSERG, our MP's etc, engage with Unlock Democracy to campaign for greater powers for our Cornish communities?