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A Constitutional Convention for the UK

Over 100 MPs have now signed up to an Early Day Motion in support of the proposed Citizens Convention Bill which, if enacted, will commit the Government to establishing a constitutional convention in order to involve people from all sections of society in improving the way the United Kingdom is governed. 

The Bill has cross-party support and we urge the Government to bring it forward as a matter of priority. Gordon Brown has indicated that he wants to build a national consensus on democratic renewal but he needs to go much further than the glorified public consultation exercises that are citizens' juries, where the agenda is pre-determined by the Government and the outcomes are studiously ignored if they don't fit in with what they want to hear.

The Cornish need to make sure their voice is heard.

Will the Duchy of Cornwall come under the spotlight or will it slip past the law once again? Will a guarantee of equality before the law, a standard of international human rights, be on the table? Will the government take a fresh look at Cornish devolution?

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