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The Cornish Democrat would like.............

So apart from a proper dialogue between all the Cornish groups in the Duchy (if only) who else would I like to see talking?


When we see organisations like the Celtic league, Federal Union of European Nationalities, Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation, European Free Alliance, Centre for World Indigenous Studies, Intergroup for Traditional National Minorities, Constitutional Regions and Regional Languages etc one can only hope that Cornwall is properly represented and that all these groups cooperate to the maximum. National minorities and regional identities of the world unite! Union is strength!

Cornish transnationalism

A maximum effort to maintain cultural links with the diaspora around the world and to interest new generations of the diaspora in their Cornish cultural heritage has to be a good thing for the homeland. Cultural exchanges and kids’ links like pen-pal systems are not so expensive now with the internet.

Multicultural and minority dialogue

A national minority that feels threatened by the national majority but which must integrate newly arrived minorities is a subject worthy of study. I believe wholeheartedly in multicultural exchange and dialogue between national minorities / English regional identities on the one hand and new minority groups on the other.It’s the way of the world, immigration is a fact and can be a source of innovation and strength if properly handled. I would welcome descriptions such as Black Scottish, Asian Welsh, Cornish Muslim and Chinese Yorkshire man even Anglo-Cornish. Such discourse between the new minorities and the grass roots organic national and regional identities of these isles could be, in my opinion, a much more effective form of integration. I would like to see a Cornwall where people are proud to say ‘I’m a Cornish Muslim’ ‘Black Cornish’ etc. A Cornwall where people are proud of their Celtic Cornish home but also free to maintain their own identities could only be a good thing. What do the Celtic league and Celtic Congress do to reach out to other minority groups and look for common ground and inter-cultural exchange?

Common ground

Where this exists between the Cornish movement and other pro-democracy groups in the UK, such as England Devolve, the Greens or Talk Democracy, then efforts should be made at cooperation and an exchange of ideas.

Economic nationalism

Open dialogue with Cornish and others businesses and lobby them with regard to the Celtic Cornish brand. There are loads of 'Celtic' shops around the UK and France and Spain that should stock Cornish produce.

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bl3u said...

Asalamu Aleykum.

I am of Cornish descent...
and (technically) I am a Muslim.

But I live in America.
Was horn here.
Wading my way back home.

Cres war Kernow.