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Minister of the South West - Ben Bradshaw

From the blog Looking for a voice.

30th June 2007

Ben Bradshaw MP
House of Commons
Westminster London

Dear Mr Bradshaw

I understand that you have recently been appointed Minister for the ‘South West’. Could you please enlighten me as to what geographical area the ‘South West’ alludes to, I am aware of the boundaries of the Historic Wessex and Cornwall (Kernow) are these the same as ‘The South West’, if they are not when and who designated the geographical area. As there have been a number of Regional Ministers appointed, and that this appears to be a new constitutional development , can you advise me what your responsibilities are to the people of ‘The South-West’ are ? As a resident of North Somerset, I am assuming that I live in the South West. I very much look forward to your reply.

Yours Sincerely

I will post the reply !

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