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Equality Before The Law

In light of the two applications the Cornish Stannary Parliament has made to the European Court of Human Rights -ECHR – CSP v UK and Application to the European Court of Justice- the CD would like to share the following information provided by the Democratic Audit.

The Democratic Audit discloses a series of breaches of international standards rights across the spectrum of ‘democratic’ rights. These are not random pockets of non -compliance, but examples of systemic weakness. This weakness calls into question the health of British democracy itself. The Audit’s principal findings are:

The Equal Protection of the Law

Britain’s inability to afford all citizens the equal protection of the law is the most serious and damaging failure to meet international standards. No general right of equality exists. Weak and narrow laws against discrimination on grounds of race, sex, religion and disability exist in different parts of the country, but do not apply uniformly throughout the UK. Religious, but not racial, discrimination is prohibited in Northern Ireland; racial, but not religious, elsewhere. People are not protected against discrimination in other significant areas of their lives, including old age, health and sexual orientation. Government officials – such as immigration officers – are actually exempt from major antidiscrimination laws. Some government legislation and practice actually promotes intolerance towards homosexuals.

The pdf document
The Democratic Audit website

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