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Cornwall County Council are So Good at Making Bad Decisions

Cornwall County Council seem to like making One Big dodgy decisions. As if making Cornwall into One Big unitary authority wasn't enough (presumably run by Lib Dems, a utopia they'll be lucky to get), Cornwall County Council also want to build One Big incinerator to deal with all of Cornwall's rubbish.

This is going completely against central government guidelines which state that waste should be dealt with close to it source, not carted up to 50 miles from where it was collected with all of the extra pollution that this entails.

They plan to build this big monstrosity in St Dennis in the Clays, (and one of the leaders of this decision is on record as saying that it's best to build such a beast in a 'deprived' area as there is not as much opposition). They say it's harmless, and they say it won't disrupt the village, and they say that burning our rubbish is the best thing for Cornwall.

But what they don't say is that there are proven health risks attached to incinerators, that not only do they want to build it on a green field site, but that they want to drive a new road through a Site of Special Scientific Interest, and that with growing awareness about climate change, packaging, recycling and reducing rubbish in general Cornwall's One Big Incinerator will very likely end up as One Big Very Expensive White Elephant.

And even worse, most of the 'consultation' to date on this whole disaster has been with invited persons only, strictly behind closed doors, sometimes even with a police presence.

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