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When books are seized............

I have read both of John Angarrack's books: Breaking the Chains and then Our Future is History.

I read them whilst I was still a serving police officer in the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary. I happended to be in the Crown Court at Truro when the Stannary v English Heritage case was being heard. As a result of what I saw and heard during that case and later what I read in John Angarrack's book, I a Cornishman born and bred and of many generations of Cornish people finally 'came home to Cornwall.' I became a Cornish 'activist' when I retired from the police.

Now, a member of a perfectly legal organisation has had his 'Our Future is History' seized during a police search and referred to in an evidential interview. I am now convinced that we are in a police state and part of the agenda is to destroy the Cornish. the Welsh and Scots have been lucky. They just made it. We are referred to as racists because of our beliefs and treated as criminals. I and many others will not give in though. We do all we can within the confines of increasingly draconian laws to see justice and liberty for our nation of Kernow.

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