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Cornish Culture Eroded

Cornish culture eroded in favour of South West of England.

As Councillors, many long winded and often tedious documents pass our way. A lot of them are generated by faceless quangos such as South West Regional Development Agency – SWRDA – which now impose themselves on us, so often overruling the democratically elected representatives of the people. These bodies say they ‘consult’ us but so often the consultation simply consists of one quango rubber-stamping the work of another. Such is the nature of the unelected dictatorship imposed on Cornwall by the so called SWRA, SWRDA and URC.

The other day a document came our way called ‘A Cultural Infrastructure for the South West’ in partnership with the usual alphabet soup of quango’s. Beneath its leaden prose and second rate thinking is hidden a very sinister intent. The document seems to establish a ‘South West Brand’. Now, to destroy a peoples collective identity, it is important to destroy their culture and if possible, their language. For these things underpin the collective conscience of any nation. In our opinion, this document does this to the Cornish identity and culture. First it defines cultural sub-regions and in doing so, cuts Cornwall in half by lumping South East Cornwall with Plymouth and leaving West Cornwall on its own. This on its own is an act of cultural vandalism against Cornwall and her people. As you read through the document, the cultural icons they pick on in Cornwall are such things as Eden and the Tate Modern, essentially metropolitan culture which would be as at home in London or Bristol.

Where is the Cornish Gorseth, Cornish choirs, Padstow ’obby ’oss, Flora Day, St Columb Hurling, the Cornish Language and all the events so quintessentially Cornish? And why is there only 1 Cornish body in the list of consultee’s? This document is a totally top down approach, a piece of cultural vandalism intent on imposing the values and culture of a metropolitan elite on Cornwall, and marginalising if not destroying our own culture. Of course, there are those who will hold out the begging bowl on the banks of the Tamar in the hope of a few crumbs of grant funding. We think however, the whole document is only fit for the shredder.
Yours sincerely,

Cllr Stuart Cullimore Camborne/Redruth Branch Chairman Cllr Alan Sanders Camborne/Redruth Branch Vice Chairman and Cornish BardCllr Mike Champion Camborne/Redruth Branch SecretaryCllr Helene Cullimore Camborne/Redruth Branch Treasurer

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joanie said...

It's not just the cultural erosion involved in the South West Brand. It's also that the south west RDA in its regional showcase pages completely omits Cornish technology, innovation and potential and so by ommision is complicit in presenting Cornwall as only good enough for the tourism industry.

They do not represent us as they should in any way.