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The Condemnation of the CNLA by Cornwall Council

The Cornwall Council Condemnation of 'Cornish National Liberation Army'.

The Celtic League is an inter-Celtic organisation that campaigns for the social, political and cultural rights of the Celtic nations.

It was founded in 1961 by Celtic nationalists who saw the need for an inter-Celtic organisation with a political dimension in order to make the peoples of the Celtic nations more aware of their commonality of language, history and culture, to further the Celtic Nations' right to independence and to promote the benefits of inter-Celtic co-operation. The Celtic League is a peaceful organisation and does not condone any form of violence or criminal action. We note that a recent debate held by Cornwall Councillors and reported in the Western Morning News condemned the activities of the alleged ‘Cornish National Liberation Army.’ The newspaper reported that one high profile Councillor referred to the terrorist activities of this alleged organisation and that it was connected with Cornish nationalism. What terrorist activities subject of Council condemnation have been carried out by this alleged organisation please ? Many of us are Cornish and indeed Celtic Nationalists. You will be aware that the Scottish National Party now govern Scotland in a coalition government and that another Nationalist Party form a substantial part of the government of Wales. Indeed, the south of Ireland is now independent of the Westminster Government and Nationalists form a substantial part in the government of the north of Ireland.

Would Councillors suggest that these politicians are terrorists ?

Given a mandate, do your Councillors preclude the right of Cornish nationalists to take part in the government of the Duchy of Cornwall ?

What is the connection between Cornish Nationalists, their organisations and political parties with mythical acts of terrorism as suggested by members of Cornwall Council please ?

Have any of the Councillors who took part in the debate examined the underlying reasons behind alleged comments made by those claiming to be part of the so called Cornish National Liberation Army ?

Have any of these Councillors considered the real sense of resentment growing in the Cornish community regarding affordable housing, properly paid work, proper recognition of Cornwall’s distinctive Celtic heritage and a loss of a democratic voice in the government of Cornwall ?

Do any Councillors consider that the recent decision made to adopt a unitary authority against the democratic will of the small number of those granted the courtesy of an opinion (neither my family or neighbours were consulted in any form) has achieved little else other than to further disenfranchise a substantial number of Cornish people causing increased resentment towards the Council and government as a whole ?

Would you kindly draw this letter to the attention of Cornwall Council’s senior elected representative for the purposes of a reply to each and every point raised ?

We reserve the right to make this request and reply fully available to the public.Yours faithfullyMichael J.T. ChappellSecretary - An Kesunyans Keltek Scoren Kernewek

The Cornish Democrat invites all those interested to contact Cornwall Council

An Kessunyans Keltekscoren Kernewek (The Celtic League - Cornish Branch), Honorary Secretary: Michael John Tremayne Chappell, Kessenyans, Little Water, Goonhavern,TRURO, Kernow TR4 9QG

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