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Back to the Flag but which Flag?

Back to the Flag, but which Flag? In the blog British Nationalist Watch, Nicholas Morgan proposes that the flag of Wales be flown 365 days a year at every public building in Wales, and that no Union flags should be flown there.

Every true nationalist, and indeed Welsh man or woman, would agree with his suggestion.It is not appropriate to follow Gordon Brown's wish that the Union flag be flown at every public building in the UK, particularly as Wales is not reperesented on the Union flag. The countries represented include only England, Scotland and Ireland. Therefore, to fly the Union flag in Wales is to remind people of the domination of the London-based government over Welsh Affairs. We do not need to be reminded of this fact which has no basis in our view of reality.

The reality is that there are four nations in the British isles, and some would say five if Cornwall is included. If that is so, how can there be such a thing as a "British" nation? Britain is but a grouping of interdependent nations. Even the term "The British Isles" is suspect, as one of the nations comprising Ireland is not British. As I said in a previous post, to my knowledge there is not one Union flag being flown in the Irish Republic today.So let us examine and reflect on this spurious term "Britishness", which has been coined to mean the indentification of some with the unethical union of British nations in these islands.

There is an idea of Britishness but it means little to the loyal people of Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Cornwall. Nevertheless, we must face the fact that it means a great deal to those who cling to the past, to the glories of the Empire, and support the policies of politicians who send out men and women to fight in vain foreign wars a la Thatcher and a la Blair/Bush. These ill-conceived adventures should not concern the people of Wales and Scotland, for they have no interest in imposing democracy on other sovereign nations and otherwise interfering in their affairs.

Wales and Scotland seek their place in Europe, in the European Union, which is the real arena for discussion, on decisions to be made and actions to be implemented. We must all consider exactly where our loyalties lie, and to whom we give our allegiance, to Wales or to Britain - it cannot be to both. If one gives allegiance to Britain one is rejecting the fact of Welsh nationhood and paying fealty and homage to the British establishment and all its ramifications. Yet if one claims to be an English nationalist and rejects the term "British" one follows an authentic course. More and more we see the flag of St George being flown in England, and good luck to them, I say. Let us reclaim our inheritance. The Welsh are the true British.

Alan in Dyfed

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